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The astounding response we got to closing that surprised me the most

It’s been a few weeks since I announced we were closing now. I’ve been digesting the response. Sadness from our fans but also enthusiasm and support. Understanding from our wholesale partners who know what it’s like to run a small business. Most surprising, the many, many women business owners who reached out and said, “Me too”, “I feel the same way” “I could have written your blog post myself” or “I’m just not sure if, when or how to make the decision to close”. It’s this last response that has struck me the most. Why is it so hard to make a decision to move on?

Reflections on 5 years, small business and a change in course

Our five year anniversary was this month. I mentioned this in a few places, but didn’t post a big birthday to-do, even though it feels like a huge milestone. Truthfully, I was contemplating this milestone and my business in ways I hadn’t expected. When I think back on how DLC launched back in April of 2014, with a party called Tea & Tees, a collaboration at my favorite former Arlington tea shop, it feels like ages ago. I see so many ways this company has grown, changed and found success.

Five things being an entrepreneur has taught me

It’s our five year anniversary of going into business! Whew- that feels like both a lifetime and a split-second. Today I’m sharing a few key lessons the last five years have taught me. If you’re an entrepreneur or want to be one, or just want to know a little more about the personal journey I’ve been on running DLC, read on….

Home is “wear” the heart is.

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