Final day in business.

It’s finally here, our final day in business. I’m feeling joyous! I can honestly say that I’ve had not one day of regret or longing to keep this business open. Along with that, I’ve felt total gratitude to the business for what it gave me, and it gave me a lot. As we’ve barreled toward closing (that came fast!), our fans and customers have given us the best sendoff. Between orders, kind notes and well wishes, this feels like exactly the place I’m meant to be. Further proof that listening to your intuition and inner voice will always lead you to the right place.

What’s been fun, also, is how many business ideas have come to me! It’s amazing what giving yourself mental space will do. Nothing I’m acting on right now (though I do have a little side venture up my sleeve that I’m excited to share in awhile. Locals to the DC area will enjoy it). Seeing the light at the end of the business tunnel has really let me recalibrate my life. Seeing how I feel waking up without 5,000 things on my to do list and deciding how I want to approach the day has felt really good. Particularly I’ve been really enjoying the strategies of wellness coach Susie Pettit, who is based here in Arlington. Her podcast is excellent and creating this white space has made me feel like I might finally be able to implement these strategies for living and feeling better. Truth be told, I could have implemented these along the way but felt I had too many tabs open all the time to do one more “new” thing. So it’s been good to pull back and really look at restructuring my daily priorities. 

I also got to spend some time with a business woman I have long admired but never met in person. I met Sarah Wells years ago online, stayed connected and really enjoyed watching her grow her business. She makes these amazing, innovative products for pumping moms and has built a really impressive international business. When I announced I was closing, this kind, down-to-earth business rockstar sent me flowers! Having never met me, she lifted me up with encouragement, kind words and reassurance with how I was approaching closing. This woman I had never met! So getting to meet her in person yesterday just made me float on air. Maybe one of the best things about being in business is getting to meet women like her and I hope getting to be that woman for others. Sometimes I see my business as an avenue to build those relationships and a way to make the world a little kinder and more supportive. Sarah and I had fun spitballing business ideas and swapping stories. If you haven’t given yourself the freedom to dream without a plan for awhile, go do it! I love not having to figure out the numbers or make an action plan, but just to look at a problem and conceptually think of a solution, and who the target audience might be and what I might learn by doing it. And then not doing anything with the idea but letting it simmer. Fun and freedom! (my summer slogan)

A lot of people have asked what I’m going to do next. The answer is: nothing and lots of things. I’ll go to the pool with my kids more than I have any year since they were born. I’ll take on building business relationships in service of the amazing moms group we have here in my area. I’ll serve on my son’s preschool board for one last year and send my daughter off to kindergarten. And yes, I plan to start another business. Most immediately (though not exactly immediately), I will partner with a friend who started a fun and creative business last year. It will be very local (read: all customers must be local to hire us) and totally different than DLC, which is what attracts me to it. It’s a service business with a narrow focus, creative in an area I don’t have much experience, flexible in how much I’d be working and for now, it’s limited to the warm months. A complete challenge, in other words, and that alone feels invigorating. I’m ready to learn new things, apply my knowledge in new ways and interact with a new customer base. I’m really excited to partner with someone who I both admire and have fun with. More to come on that. I’ll probably keep the DLC website up for another month or so and announce this new venture on our newsletter when it’s ready, but I won’t pester you all with it. I’ll give you an opportunity to opt in or out of hearing more about it. If you want to keep up with my for a bit, you can follow along DLC on Instagram. I may eventually set up a personal blog to keep writing, or I might not. I don’t feel a pull to do that right now. Either way, I’d love to stay in touch if you do! 

I feel like I can’t end things here without just saying this again: thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work in Arlington, DC and the larger Virginia area, with customers and fans like yourself. I hope our paths cross again!

My very best,

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