How we lost our shirts this quarter—and why we couldn’t be happier about it.

Hey Local Lover!


Last month, I wrote to our local-loving newsletter subscribers to let them know we were phasing out our kids’ t-shirt line to make room for new adventures. A few people wrote back, expressing sadness (change is hard!). Several took advantage of our deep discounts (thank you!)  And one person suggested donating to The Clothesline, an Arlington-based non-profit that provides a comfortable, fun place for at-risk students and families to build a full wardrobe of clothing, twice a year—free of charge.


And that’s exactly what we did.


Here’s the thing. I consider myself a local-in-the-know. I may not have been born in Northern Virginia, but I’ve lived here long enough to feel like I know my way around a busy intersection. I’m tied into the community. I walk these streets regularly. I discover and support new businesses all the time.

And I had never heard of The Clothesline, or the amazing ways it supports our local families.

The point I’m making is that our local communities offer more than we realize—and we have more to offer them than we think. I’m grateful for the suggestion to donate—I’ve been itching for a way to give back, and this is the perfect opportunity to show our young learners they are a part of a community that takes care of each other. Learn more about how you can support The Clothesline here.

So...we didn’t exactly “lose” our shirts this quarter—we know where they went, and it feels good. Our currently empty shelves are an excellent reminder that giving things away can help make space for good things to come.

Speaking of which, keep an eye out for our next post where we launch our annual customer survey. Our best ideas start with you!

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