Meet Our New Studio Manager!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, EVERYONE. I’m ecstatic to announce I’ve hired my first employee! My company is in good company! 

Meet Elizabeth: Mom / Multitasking SuperStar / Cate-Blanchett Stand-in / DLC Studio Manager  

There are a lot of reasons why Elizabeth is a good fit for District Line Co. and the team I’m building. She’s a transplant (like 51% of us) with 13 years of the Beltway under her belt. She’s worked with the government (like a lot of us). And she loves it here (like all of us!).

“This area has so much to offer!” says the Vero Beach, Florida native in a questionnaire I (nicely) forced her to take. “On any given weekend you can find something new and different around the corner. And not just in the District, but also in the surrounding areas. History, culture, dining, nature—we have it all!”

When she’s not hand-writing thank you notes to customers and keeping our local-loving inventory in line, you’ll find Elizabeth hanging out with her family, enjoying the great outdoors, and exploring the First Ladies exhibit at the American History Museum. What you won’t find is where she hides her favorite cookies—even her kids don’t know that.

Feel free to reply to this email or shoot us a comment on social to welcome Elizabeth to the team. I’m so excited to have her!


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