Be a District Line Co. Stockist

5 Reasons Why You Should Carry District Line Co. Products

1. They increase your popularity. It introduces a new--and passionate--audience to your store and its social feeds. We can’t wait to introduce you to our fans.
2. They make you look good--and make your customers look even better. Our proven designs are easily recognizable in Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia area and our feels-like-home fabrics make our tees fast favorites. Plus, they are a blatant love of local--and what looks better than that?
3. They support local businesses and local designers. By carrying DLC, you not only keep the good ripple going, you also have an opportunity to influence future designs based on what you think your customers would like. 
4. We believe in customer service, just like you. Out of stock? No worries. We’re right around the corner to keep your shelves ready for the next arrival. We’re here to help you succeed!
5. They are versatile. From running trails to running errands, our local DC metro tees layer on the charm.
District Line Co. is a community-serving, small-business supporting, relationship-building company that also sells some iconic local t-shirts.
If this sounds like you, we should talk.
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